Benji Backer is a conservative speaker and activist from Appleton, Wisconsin. He has spoken at CPAC, AFP’s Defending the American Dream Summit, and many other conservative events. He writes for many online blogs and news sources including RedState, TheBlaze, and IJReview. He believes no matter how young you are, you can make a difference in politics.



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  1. did you start getting involved with politics and the republican party when you were 10 because your parents were republican and encouraged you to get involved? also what don’t you like about liberals? just curious

    1. Hey, thanks for visiting Tyler. My parents were never involved. I was never encouraged or even knew that my parents were Republican. I think most Liberals are good people, I just don’t think they know enough about the issues. I have nothing against Liberals. Thanks Tyler!

      1. yes no problem but I just don’t see how its right that my parents work hard everyday of the week and get taxed around 25% because people who own or run big corporations are greedy. These millionaires are getting taxed around 15% and my parents 25%. Apparently most conservatives would agree that the rich business owners, CEO’s etc. are helping the economy by providing jobs to people, but in reality those people are getting taxed around 25% of their income in the US and half these corporations are employed by people in China or out of the country. How are these employed workers in china going to help our economy? I assume you study politics way more then me so that’s why I’m asking you. How is all this right?

        1. Tyler work is supposed to be hard otherwise it wouldn’t be called “Work.” It’s a safe assumption that most everyone works hard. Big corperations keep in mind make multi-millions of dollars. Say your parents make 100,000 grossly. After 25% tax is taken away they are left with 75,000 dollars. If a ceo makes let’s say 1,000,000. After taxes they have to give up 250, 000 dollars compared to your parents 25,000. Also I would like to add greedy is a harsh word. My dad being a small buinsess owner puts the money that we don’t use or save back into the business. I would also believe it would he a safe assumption to say that the larger business owners would do the same thing.

          1. Well let me tell you whats happening in reality Mike. Right now conservatives think that the high class Americans will invest their gains from tax cuts on things that increase supply like factories new businesses, goods and services, for their companies. These tax cuts for the wealthy started back in 1980 by the bush administration. This increased our national debt from from 907 billion to 3 trillion in 99′ to 5 trillion in 2000 to eventually 16 trillion in 2012.How is this possible? let me explain. For example The Walton family of Walmart controls more wealth then the poorest 40% of Americans combined. So are these companies actually spending all this extra money they have from the tax cuts and distributing it to the economy? no. All this money that many of these big corporation aren’t spending is being stored out of country because they don’t have to pay tax on it. 16 trillion dollars of the american money is being stored out of country because a lot of these bushiness owners don’t want to pay tax on it. These are facts. The rest of us (middle class americans) have to make up for this loss of money because its not being circulated in America. To make this short and simple: big corporations aren’t investing there money into workforce, supplies, machinery etc they are storing it out of country which is playing a very big part in ruining Americas economy. One question I have for you is how much money does one person need? one hundred thousand, 1 million, 100 million, 1 billion?

      1. Just because we have 20 billionaires doesn’t mean that’s all we can ever have, the goal of a capitalist economy is for as many people as possible to be as successful as possible. Money can grow instead of circulate, just not in Obamas current stagnant economy!

    1. Yes if you work hard and create a company how are then employers getting to work? from the roads payed by the government. how are they being educated? by schools payed for by the government. How is the company being defended? By the government. you get the point. So is this company ran by a group of people, or is the government playing a big role in this businesses success? So should this group of people hoard all the money or should they have to pay a decent amount of tax to the government so it is circulated in america (not storing out of country) and keeping the economy rolling? facts prove that 16 trillion dollars of this extra “tax cut” money is being stored out of america.

      1. Government does not pay for it people do through taxes which is produced from there ventures. Schools are mostly paid by property taxes.

        Roads are built to locations where people want to commit commerce and live, hence the demand is produced from the private sector.

        Do you use the roads so should you also pay 39 percent that is what small business pay. I know since you most likely only pay 25% you should use less of the roads.

        Do you still live in that socialist country?

        1. Seems like each one of you misses the point.
          The taxes are forced from the citizen!
          Strange that you would dismiss this fact!?

  2. Tyler, if that is even is your real name, Who are you to tell me “what is going on in reality?” to my knowledge you were the one coming to benji for information because he is more involved politically then you. George bush was elected in office in 2001-2009. Not all companies are bad and invest all of their money into other countries. Also, it is only a small factor that Contributes to our outrageous debt. But I think we might be saying similar things from Different ends of the spectrum. We both disapprove of the current office and are upset about the high profit making businesseses. As I recall General motors Flew to D.C. To cry broke and asked for taxpayers money. Our wacky president loaned them the Money! Money they didn’t have they loaned to general motors. Do you recall this? So I do agree with you to a point. Some big businesses are greedy. General motors should have died. The too big to fail gig defended them. Nothing is ever too big to fail. In fact General motors Should have failed. The big greedy business owner instead of investing back into the business took the money out for personal benefit. People would have been Forced to go to the small businesses and the middle class would have made profit thus helping our economy by actually providing jobs for people. Try to get past the fact I am republican and you are democrat and hear me out.

  3. Mike, your poor grammar detracts from what you’re saying. It plants the seed that your arguments are based off of faulty logic, and therefore that your posts are unreliable. You also use personal attacks and unfounded arrogance that further diminish your credibility. Another note, there have been two presidents with the surname Bush.

    Tyler, you baited Benji. You obviously asked him a question under the pretense of respect and cooperation, only to strike at him when he answered you. This makes you look petty and immoral. Though some of the arguments you raised were very poignant, at least one was based more on fear than reality. From a simplified economic maximization standpoint, trade and the free flow of labor increases efficiency and the well being of participating countries. When goods are produced elsewhere it is because Americans can then buy those goods for less and use the saved money for more lucrative or worthwhile (as decided by consumers) endeavors. This, again, is oversimplified, but it exemplifies one of your argumentative fallacies.

    Benji, I am impressed by your passion at your age, but it seems a bit unsubstantiated. You used absolutes and enthusiasm without foundation. This carries the feeling of propaganda, which implies mindlessness. This can be scary. Also, you deferred Daniel’s question with a seemingly ignorant question of your own. People move to other countries for many reasons including business requirements or military placement. This happens to people moving in and out of the United States. Daniel gave no reason to believe he didn’t respect his country, quite to the contrary. By not answering Daniel’s question and hiding behind your own you give the impression that you don’t have a convincing response. This gives more credibility to Daniel, and takes it away from you.
    I have read about the magnitude of your political acts and I am very impressed.

    It is very difficult to know the best course of action. Obscuring the path with avoidable bias, hate, ignorance, and misrepresentation of facts makes an already daunting universal goal even more challenging to realize.

    My biggest yearning is for the maximization of wellbeing for all that we affect. This is not meant to be in opposition to the ideals of the right or the left, but in concurrence with them.

    I apologize if this was out of place, insensitive, hypocritical, or naive.


    1. Benji speaks his experience. That is enough! My daughters have experienced the very same thing in their HS. This country is filled will an intolerant and leftist academia.

  4. Benji,
    Congrats on your fast start, and I like your direction! May I suggest that you give voice to this rarely shown content:
    These track records are dominated by the coming and going of IRrationality. They are kept out of sight because the financial sector makes more money by “the public be suckered”. Showing/telling these histories effectively is a home run waiting to be hit!

  5. Eric, wat do u really stand for? u just criticized everybody, showing the same arrodance u accused another of showing. Typical of the problems americans have. Finger pointing.

  6. You get to work on roads built by the government with money from taxes of people that work. You get the idea. That is a chicken or the egg argument.

  7. I am a 13 year old conservitive and I have loved law, law making and politics since I was in the 3rd grade. I just read your blog and you are very inspiring. I am glad that you are able to follow your dreams. It is nice to read about other teens that have a love for politics than adults. Because no one takes us seriously.

    Anyway, sorry I side tracked but keep posting! I love hearing what you have to say and that you are trying to make a change.

  8. Fyn, I tried to be clear near the end of my last statement, but I must have fallen short. I stand for the maximization of the aggregate wellbeing of everything on this Earth. This means I try to make my actions be as positive as possible while trying to minimize their negative effects. I believe this comes with freedom, responsibility, and the protection of the vulnerable. Vulnerable in my mind encompasses a wide variety of things, from our citizens being threatened by war to parts of forests that have more ecological value than economical. And of course I won’t be able to achieve my goal, but I think it is good to strive for.

    The critiques and frustrations that I posted earlier are related to this because I believe both parties have this similar goal, to make our country and the world as good as is achievable. It bothers me when reaching this common goal is compromised by anger, pride, derision, ignorance, and poor logic.

    I did compliment Benji on his passion, but I’ll admit that my positive statements were far outweighed by my critical ones. What I intended as constructive criticism was apparently received as a bigoted attack. That was my mistake, I’m sorry. As a side note, some of my past comments to Benji may no longer make sense because the site has changed.

    I welcome constructive feedback, I truly did not intend to arrogantly point fingers.

  9. Fyn, another interpretation of my initial post:

    It is good when people are passionate about politics and the state of the world. It is a shame when the communication of their beliefs is undermined by avoidable bad habits. I was trying to point out those bad habits.

    Again, in retrospect I realize that I may have been more harmful than helpful, and for that I apologize.

  10. Eric-
    I thought you said it quite well in the first place. Although I think that dismissing someone for grammar or punctuation errors is childish. A good point is a good point even if said wrong. That having been said, I agree with you mostly.
    Really? I am guessing you are young. Youth is a good time to stop quoting biased television and articulate “reality” from your own thoughts.
    Pearls before swine.
    You rock the kasbah! Don’t burn yourself out young. Stay passionate and you will learn articulation with age.
    Yes I am arrongant. That doesn’t make me wrong.

  11. In my Freshman speech class, I chose Democracy vs Republic for my informative speech and We’re a Republic: Stop Calling Us a Democracy for my persuasive speech. I chose these topics because the textbook (written by the department Chair) says we’re a democracy. My classmates are clueless.

  12. Hello Benji. I just watched your interview on America Live. I had a very similar experience as a child. I also was bullied by my teachers in school. Unfortunately, most of my classmates chose to follow the lead of my teachers, and with their blessing, bullied me as well. This began in third grade, when I was nine years old. The year was 1963. The bullying continued up until I was nearly in High School. It didn’t stop until I realized that the only way to deal with bullies was to stand up to them and not allow THEM to define ME.

    I do not know whether or not the reason for the bullying was political. My father is a Republican, and he was on the school board of my school. I do know that the teachers were angry at my father, and chose, as cowards will do, to bully me rather than confront my father with their grievances.

    I salute you for taking a stand. That isn’t always easy, as I well know. Times were different in 1963, and at nine years old, I had did not know my options. I did not tell my parents, because, as a child, I thought the teachers were always right and that my parents would take their side. I know better now.

    I recently posted a small essay on bullying on my Facebook profile, because I thought my experiences might help others going through what I had gone through as a child. I was extremely gratified when a friend asked if she could use my essay for the Suicide Awareness month for her tribe. Her reservation has a high suicide rate, in great part due to bullying.

    Bullying leaves mental scars that can last a lifetime, and I find it hard to understand how any decent adult can justify bullying children to themselves for any reason.

  13. Benji, just heard about you on the Mark Belling show. Appreciate the work you’re doing- it definitely needs to be done. As a proud 16-y.o. conservative, I can truly say you’re living the dream. You’re awesome- keep it up.

  14. And if you ever want a favor from the editor of a humble little high school newspaper, don’t hesitate to ask.

  15. Hey, I am so glad that someone your age is standing up.
    I am twice your age, and just getting into politics. I am happy to see positive things in the next generation. Keep up the good work.

    Just wondering, would you rather Ron Paul be President, or Mitt Romney, and why?

  16. Benji,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. We live in southeast Wisconsin and our children have also experienced intimidation by left wing teachers. There is no point, counterpoint ever offered as it should. Many students just stay silent, but those who do speak up have been told to be quiet, been labeled and used as an example of a difficult student, or received poor grades.

  17. Benji,
    Honestly, the world does not need any more narrow minded, hard hearted, egotistical conservatives and certainly not one who hasn’t barely gotten his driver’s license. Good grief! Live a little in someone else’s shoes, gain some perspective and life experiences, and then come back with your ideas! You’d maybe, just maybe, get some respect out of me! But, for now, continue to be involved in your education in all ways but remember, through age comes wisdom and you do not have any….yet.

    1. Julie,
      You are sounding as though you are employed in the public education system. This young man has more charisma at 15 years than you will ever have. God Bless you Benji….

  18. I see you took my comment off and only allow positive comments. Let’s see if this one stays up. Sir, you have mental health issues and I do not believe the bullying you describe. You are trying to make a name for yourself. It’s obvious.

    1. Why do you think such a thing of a student? He’s clearly educated and knows what he’s talking about. My family has also had bullying and indoctrination due to public schools. I suggest you think before you speak and put yourself in others’ shoes. Based on your comment, I believe you’re a liberal due to the fact that you’re denying what actually goes on. Or you have no connection to public school indoctrination, so you have no way to know it actually happens.

    2. Miss Julie the teachers did indeed harrass him on several occasions. I have too been harrassed by the same teachers but I was close to them and I would call them out. Bengi is very smart. When he is able to give ideas to our governerment in Wisconsin, and not do they only listen but revisit his ideas because they are WISE decisions. You should pray to god your son is half as good as him. And no I am not his friend.

  19. I really want to hear him actually describe the bullying that he has experienced, and why he seems to dislike teachers so much. Because in my opinion being told by a teacher to stop talking about politics because it is not an appropriate time for that is not bullying. Hopefully you take satisfaction that you have ruined some teachers careers over a stupid disagreement or general dislike of them, who were well liked by most students (maybe that’s a reason why people don’t like you…?).

    I’m sure you won’t put this comment on the site but you should respond to me privately at the very least.

  20. The champ
    I am at the same school as Bengi and I would like to say the he truly was bullied. He does not hate teachers, what he dislikes is when teachers try to tell him he was brainwashed to be a conserative. Now I truly don’t think he did the correct thing but this act by these teachers was being repeated throughout the year. He is learning from his mistakes but when I say he knows his stuff, he knows his stuff. The teachers that wereinvolved were some of my favorite teachers but they screwed up 1 to many times

  21. Benji. You know very well your English teacher never attacked you. I was in your class and he did not”attack” you. He always joked about painting houses. You’re a little fucking shit. I hope one day on judgment day god looks into your eyes and says “benji. You are a little dumb fuck. You go to hell with your brother satin.”

  22. You did a great job at CPAC! Looking forward to young men like you leading the conservative movement in our country in the future!

  23. Hi Ben I’m also want to be in politics as I’m also a republican I’m 15 years old and I want to run for Congress I’m very conservative at one point I didn’t know what I was until 2012 when Mitt Romney ran for president before that I didn’t like what the Obama administration was doing therefore it took one administration to find out what I was and I support you from Pennsylvania

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