Politics: The Reason For My Return

Almost a year ago, I decided to take a step back from politics. A few months later, I decided to go public with my decision and posted the reasoning on my website. Today, after almost a full year without politics in my life (besides an occasional tweet), I have decided to return. After consulting with some of my closest friends and family, I believe the time is right.

America has hit a tipping point. This country is divided beyond belief and our political climate is nasty. Those are reasons as to why I took a break from politics, but also reasons as to why I need to return. Our country needs more voices, specifically from our youth, who have an upbeat and united message. Yes, I am a conservative and proud of it. At the same time, we need more leaders in this country who can listen to both sides and work with their opponents. Our nation’s leaders aren’t carrying that message, but I will try my best to carry it myself.

I am just one small voice, but I hope to make a large difference in changing the hearts and minds of divisive Americans. If our country wasn’t so divided and on the brink of political disaster, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. But more people need to step up against the current political climate and I cannot be held back in doing so.

America was founded upon many amazing ideas, but we have drifted away from many of them. Most of all, we have drifted away from respecting our political, religious, and moral opponents. Over the past year, watching from afar, we have seen both the Democratic and Republican parties split into factions. We have seen presidential candidates (from both sides) divide the country and even their own movements. Something has to change.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my year away from politics. I have spent more time with friends, family, and other hobbies. I will continue to put family and friends first in my life. I will not (and cannot) be as active as I was before, especially since I am headed to college to study business next fall. Despite that, the time is right for me to inspire and unite conservatives, as well as supporters of other political ideologies.

I have allowed myself to sit back and watch this unfold silently. Today is the end of that silence.



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