18 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is Unfit To Be President (With Video)

Donald Trump has embarrassed the United States, the Republican Party, and conservatism everywhere through his actions and words. Here are 18 reasons why Donald Trump is unfit to be president (believe me, there are many more).

1.) He’s endorsed, condoned, and basically admitted to sexual assault

Oh, and don’t forget about him allowing Howard Stern to call his daughter “a piece of a$$” and continuing to brag about his hookups

He’s thought about dating his daughter, too.



2.) He has no detailed answers on policy questions…



Oh, and he’s going to consult himself on foreign policy? With what experience?

Yeah, Donald, only consulting with yourself on issues you know nothing about isn’t safe for America.



3.) He says war heroes are only heroes if they aren’t captured





4.) He blamed a former president for the largest terrorist attack in American history





5.) He calls opposing candidates’ wives ugly



6.) He’s so intolerant of others’ opinions that he’s willing to spend millions to defeat legislators from his own party who disagree with him





7.) The former grand-wizard of the KKK, and many current ones, have endorsed him






8.) Once again, intolerant of his opponents’ opinions, Donald Trump blames JFK’s assassination on Ted Cruz’s father





9.) He’s flip-flopped on basically every issue, a dangerous proposition for a presidential candidate





10.) He blamed Megyn Kelly’s “tough” debate questions on her PERIOD





11.) He’s stated that he wants to ban any and all Muslims, regardless of background, from entering the United States





12.) He has a horrible track record with bankrupting his companies



13.) Donald has cheated on his wife and brags about enjoying it





14.) He’s been sued, and settled, for racial discrimination





15.) Donald Trump has scammed an uncountable amount of people through Trump University and other endeavors where he never paid people for work






16.) We all know Donald Trump is a egomaniac, but he’s such an egomaniac that he thinks he’s too good for God





17.) He’s insulted allies:



and countries in which we have tension with:



18.) He’s blamed his political opposition for ISIS:





I could go on forever. Donald Trump has no stable policy positions, consistently makes sexist remarks, has failed his businesses, is intolerant of any opposing viewpoint, puts our country in danger when it comes to foreign policy, has scammed an immeasurable amount of people, and encourages racist tendencies. A man of his temperament cannot be given the White House. As a conservative, I’m embarrassed to be on the “same” political side as Mr. Trump. He doesn’t represent conservative, or even American ideals.

If you can vote for Donald Trump after all he has said and done, that’s pretty scary.

To the GOP and America, make the right choice. Defeat Donald Trump once and for all.

5 thoughts on “18 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is Unfit To Be President (With Video)

  1. CarolDiehl Reply

    in case you do not understand. Trump is the Republic an candidate. Your vote for any other candidates will enhance Hillary

    • ABRO Reply

      In case you don’t understand, it’s that type of thinking that leaves us with Trump or Hillary. There are more than two candidates and the sooner people recognize that, the better.

  2. Joe and Beth Edwards Reply

    Benji, thank you for your exhaustive posting of many reasons documenting Trumps changing positions and regretful stances on assorted subjects that do not comport with conservative Judeo-Christian living. There is no justification for these things, plain and simple.

    With that said, people like me who hold to strong conservative principles, both moral and political, have watched this nation devolve into a cesspool of immorality (not just sexual) that now has us on the precipice of fundamental transformation from which our great Republic may never recover. Both candidates are a reflection of this devolution of our culture.

    We now face a simple binary choice – regardless of the many arguments for a 3rd party vote which I am familiar with – it is ONLY a binary choice. As we place the two candidates side by side the American people will choose our next POTUS based on their fundamental ideology. The majority have already made their choice and it is now the undecided electorate that will swing this one way or the other.

    Having seen the Clinton machine operate for decades in the public square, there is absolutely no question in my mind that they represent a clear and present danger to our Republic and a globalist march toward the dissolution of the nation state. Here’s a thoughtful quote from Randy, a posting on Yahoo:

  3. Joe and Beth Edwards Reply

    Oops here’s Randy’s post

    Randy 2 minutes ago
    The only reason the terms populist and nationalist have morphed into negative terms is to end the existence of nations. The thrust since WW2 by think tanks like United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, The American Enterprise Institute, The Hudson Institute and many many others has been to create a world without borders. Even Hillary says it in her emails. They want to rid the world of distinction and diversity, and the irony is they do it under the banner of promoting diversity. Diversity and distinction create tension and that cuts into profits. Their vision brings our middle class down closer to a working poor class while under the guise of altruism, they elevate the poverty class of the third world by sending them our jobs. I am an America first nationalist and populist. I am for my home team, and I am more than willing to teach other nations to fish, but not at the expense of my country and my people. I believe that is a very healthy attitude.

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