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April 22, Earth Day. More than 250 herbicides, fungicides and insecticides will be banned for sale and use, including such popular brands as C I L Slug Killer, Green Cross Killex, Wilson Lawn Weedout, Weedex Dandelion Bar, Scotts Turf Builder Pro Lawn Fertilizer, Roundup air jordan 7 dmp 60 Lawn Weed Control Concentrate and Yard Pro Green Carpet Lawn Fertilizer and any other product that contains 2,4 Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, or 2,4 D, the most widely used herbicide in the world. Not everyone is taking the ban in stride. Joanne Taranto, a garden sales clerk at Canadian Tire, is blunt about her customers: "They're upset about it, every customer who I talked to so far that didn't know about it. It's not going to be available and they're upset. But there's nothing they can do." Unlike some outlets such as a Windsor Home Hardware, jordan retro 13 local stores are not stocking products that will be illegal in less than a month. Kate Jordan, a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Environment, says there's "no point" in stockpiling, or hopping across an international border, anyway. First of all, you'll be in breach cheap retro jordans size 7 of the law if you're caught applying it after April 22 and, perhaps more importantly, "these chemicals represent a health risk," Jordan said. Studies show only about one quarter of households use pesticides at all, Jordan said. The latest ban is just part of an ongoing air jordan 8 low for sale process toward replacing environmentally harmful products that, after all, decades ago included pesticides such as DDT that have been proven carcinogens. Ontario is the second province to ban cosmetic pesticides, after Quebec. The new law replaces bylaws in 34 Ontario nike lebron 9 liverpool communities, including North Bay and Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario bylaws that went largely unenforced. Jordan said the main thrust now isn't to fine or otherwise penalize people but to educate. She said anyone can maintain a healthy law in a safer, if less convenient, jordan matthews recruiting football manner. The MOE has numerous other tips on its website, including aerating, overseeding, not cutting your grass too short and stressing the lawn out and leaving lawn clippings on the ground as a natural fertilizer. Professional lawn maintenance companies too have womens jordan 3.5 had to put more of an emphasis on education, now that blanket spraying is out. Mike Johnson, who has operated the Weed Man locally since 1983, said his company has always promoted "total lawn care," of which pesticide use is just a part and which will always continue