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part of a concerted marketing strategy by networks "to get more people to watch the show and comment and not feel left out of something that millions of people are talking about." For the Oscars, the nominees list has a bigger impact on ratings. A kobe 9 shoes for sale record 55.2 million viewers saw blockbuster Titanic win best picture in 1998, while a modern day low of just 32 million turned out 10 years later when No Country for Old Men won the top award, beating four other films that had limited box office jordans 3 for sale appeal. With Ellen DeGeneres returning as host, a lineup of more familiar movies and the overall trend, "I'd be shocked if the Oscars aren't up this year" in the ratings, says Sam Armando of media agency SMGx. (Adgate predicts the Oscars will draw jordan shoes for sale size 5 42 million, which would mark its biggest crowd since 2005.) The increased viewer appetite is fueling even more trophycasts: CBS will air the Hollywood Film Awards starting next fall, while NBC announced plans Wednesday for the first iHeart Radio jordan fltclb 91 price Music Awards on May 1. Awesome for Jordan : Guitar Hero Killswitch Mod Awesome for Jordan by Buckethead! I think Buckethead is an AMAZING guitar player, and since they have Jordan in GH2, I decided to make a Killswitch. I thought this Guitar jordan rodgers and brittany farrar Hero Mod was Really easy, and It only took me 30 minutes, but you will still need a few things. There are 11 screws (may vary with guitar) on the Back of the controller. In the middle of the main circuit board, There are 4 solders. (marked in blue)You air jordan 2 retro white varsity red can use either the left, or the right. One thing that you must remember is to ALWAYS measure, before you cut/drill. It's better that a hole is too small, rather than too big.First of all, A killswitch on a regular guitar cuts out the pickups on cheap jordans 9 for sale the guitar. Doing that causes a cool effect as heard in Jordan. Since the GH2 remotes are plastic, and don't have pick ups. The killswitch does the exact opposite. It acts as if you were strumming, but instead you are pushing a button. It may make it jordan retro fight easier, but it still looks cooler.This is purely for fun, and really has no point to it except to look cool.Disclaimer: Try at your own risk, I am not responsible if you screw things up and break your remote.This is my first Instructable, so please