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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last year. Sites such as YouTube and Facebook are blocked by censors, though many young and Web savvy Iranians use proxy servers or other workarounds to bypass the controls. "We should see the cyberworld as an opportunity," said Rouhani, according to air jordan 3.5 for sale the official IRNA news agency. "Why are we so shaky? Why don't we trust our youth?" Hard liners accuse Rouhani of failing to stop the spread of what they deem "decadent" Western culture in Iran. Last week, hard liners marched over women not wearing hijabs and dressing provocatively. While air jordan 2 for sale Rouhani pursues a policy of social and cultural openness, hard liners say the government should be tough to those who challenge interpretations of Islamic norms. They accuse Rouhani of showing leniency and too much tolerance toward those who question Islamic sanctities retro jordans 10 for sale or women who are not sufficiently veiled. The dancing Iranians would seem right at home in the West or indeed in the music video that accompanies Williams' song. Fans have posted similar videos from around the world, showing people dancing down streets and smiling in cheap kd shoes choreographed crowds. But in Iran, some see the trend as promoting the spread of Western culture, as laws in the Islamic Republic ban women from dancing in public or appearing outside without covering her hair with the hijab. The government also bans some websites. The video jordan 1 for sale australia that got them in trouble shows hip twentysomethings hamming it up for the camera in sunglasses and silly clothes on Tehran rooftops and alleyways. One of the bearded men goofily dips his female dancing partner. None of the three women in the video wears a hijab. The video jordan 12 for sale size 7 was posted online several weeks ago. It includes the participants' first names in a credit roll with outtakes. They describe themselves as Williams fans, adding: "'Happy' was an excuse to be happy. We enjoyed every second of making it." Tehran Police Chief Hossein Sajedinia air jordan retro 3 for sale ebay confirmed the arrests on state TV late Tuesday in a report that blurred images from the video and then showed the six with their backs turned toward the camera. "They were identified and arrested within six hours," Sajedinia said. In the TV broadcast, those arrested said jordan retro 12 for sale size 7 they had been deceived and that the video was not meant to be posted on the Internet. "They had told us that this video won't be released anywhere and that it was for our own joy," one of the women said. Another detainee said: "They invited us to appear on the video