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failed, and approximately 7,00,000 Palestinians needlessly ended up as refugees in Egyptian controlled Gaza or the Jordanian controlled West Bank. Egypt and Jordan, of course, had the power to establish a Palestinian state in the two decades that they controlled Gaza and nike air jordans 3.5 the West Bank, respectively, after the 1948 war. They refused to, yet were never derided as of Palestinian land. If those who deny Israel right to exist were morally and logically consistent, they would also deny Pakistan right to exist. That ignores the fact that by nike air jordans 2 the time of Israel creation, life had become unbearable for the Jewish communities in the Arab nations surrounding Israel. Since 1940, approximately 1,000,000 Jews have fled brutal oppression in Arab lands were forcibly expelled from communities that they had inhabited since air jordan 10 chicago ancient times. Middle Eastern Jews poured into Israel seeking refuge, just as Hindus and Sikhs poured into newly partitioned India from newly created Pakistan. Millions of Jews in Israel today are the descendents of those who fled persecution in the Muslim world. It nike lebron shoes is the existence of Israel that protects these Middle Eastern Jews from the Jew hatred of the countries they fled most virulent Jew hatred that exists in the world today. Ironically, some of the same groups that caused Jews to flee Arab nations for Israel are now causing air jordan 2 low for sale Jews to flee Europe for Israel. In France, a disturbing rise in anti Semitism from Middle Eastern immigrants fuelling an exodus of Jews to Israel. The people who don want Jews to live in Israel are the same people who are making it difficult for Jews to live outside of jordans 13 for sale cheap Israel. It is of course hypocritical for Israel bashers to single out Israel for alleged human rights violations, when Israel has by far the best human rights record in the Middle East. These rights violations are typically measures that Israel is forced to take to protect air jordan 8 price philippines her people from the violent and intransigent enemies on her doorstep. Palestinian leaders have never renounced their intention to destroy Israel, and teach their children to hate Jews. It is no easy task for Israelis to defend their tiny sliver of land, squeezed precariously jordan retro 11 space jam 2013 release date between their enemies and the sea. Israel and India are two lonely democracies in turbulent regions of the world. They have much in common, but have never been close. Perhaps that will change when Narendra Modi becomes India next Prime Minister. After all, the