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of Gaza by Ottoman forces in March 1917. After a second attempt against the city failed, command of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force passed to General Sir Edmund Allenby. Renewing the Allied offensive in late October, Allenby shattered the enemy defenses at the Third Battle jordans size 14 for sale of Gaza. Rapidly advancing, he entered Jerusalem in December. Though Allenby intended to crush the Ottomans in the spring of 1918, he was quickly forced on the defensive when the bulk of his troops were reassigned to aid in defeating the German Spring Offensives on the Western Front. Holding along a line running from the Mediterranean east to the Jordan River, Allenby was slowly reinforced during the summer. Battle of Megiddo Allenby' Plan:During this period, Allenby maintained pressure on the Ottomans through raiding and supporting the Arab nike lebron 9 south beach real vs fake Northern Army's operations. Lawrence, Arab forces ranged to east where they blockaded Ma'an and attacked the Hejaz Railway. Refilling his ranks with largely Indian divisions, Allenby began preparations for a new offensive. Placing Lieutenant General Edward Bulfin's XXI Corps jordans 1 for sale on the left along the coast, he intended for these troops to break through the Ottoman lines and create a gap for the Desert Mounted Corps to exploit. Surging forward, the corps was to secure passes near Mount Carmel before entering the Jezreel Valley and capturing the communication air jordan 7 dmp 60 centers at Al Afuleh and Beisan. With this done, the Ottoman Seventh and Eighth Armies would be forced to retreat east across the Jordan Valley. To prevent such a withdrawal, Allenby intended for Lieutenant General Philip Chetwode's XX Corps to advance on XXI Corps' jordan retro 13 right to block the passes in the valley. In an effort to increase the chances of success, Allenby began employing a wide variety of deception tactics designed to convince the enemy that the main blow would fall in the Jordan Valley. These were aided by the fact that the Royal cheap retro jordans size 7 Air Force enjoyed air superiority and could prevent aerial observation of Allied troop movements. The deception efforts were supplemented by Lawrence and the Arabs who began cutting railways to the east as well as mounting attacks around Deraa. Battle of Megiddo The air jordan 8 low for sale Ottomans:The Ottoman defense of Palestine fell to the Yildirim Army Group. Supported by a cadre of German officers and troops, this force was led by General Erich von Falkenhayn until March 1918. In the wake of several defeats and due his willingness to exchange territory