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for enemy casualties, he was replaced with General Otto Liman von Sanders. Having had success in earlier campaigns, such as Gallipoli, von Sanders believed that further retreats would fatally damage the Ottoman Army's morale and would encourage revolts among the populace. Assuming retro jordans 14 for sale command, von Sanders placed Jevad Pasha's Eighth Army along the coast with Mustafa Kemal Pasha's Seventh Army on its left. While these two held the line, Mersinli Djemal Pasha's Fourth Army was assigned to the east around Amman. Short on men and unsure of where the Allied attack air jordan 1 for sale would come, von Sanders was forced to defend the entire front leaving few troops in reserve (Map). Battle of Megiddo Allenby Strikes:Commencing preliminary operations, the RAF bombed Deraa on September 16 and Arab forces attacked the around town the next day. These actions kobe 8 price malaysia led von Sanders to send Al Afuleh's garrison to Deraa's aid. To the west, the 53rd Division of Chetwode's corps also made some minor attacks in the hills above the Jordan. Shortly after midnight on September 19, Allenby began his main effort. Around 1:00 AM, British aircraft cheap jordans 1 for sale bombed the Ottoman headquarters at Al Afuleh, knocking out its telephone exchange and badly disrupting communications with the front for the next two days. At 4:30 AM, British artillery commenced a brief preparatory bombardment which lasted around fifteen to twenty minutes. When air jordan 8 for sale the guns fell silent, XXI Corps' infantry surged forward against the Ottoman lines. Quickly overwhelming the stretched Ottomans, the British made swift gains. Along the coast, the 60th Division advanced over four miles in two and a half hours. Having opened a hole in von jordan 13 barons Sanders' front, Allenby pushed the Desert Mounted Corps through the gap while XXI Corps continued to advance and widen the breach. As the Ottomans lacked reserves, the Desert Mounted Corps rapidly advanced against light resistance and reached all of its objectives. The attacks of cheap retro jordans paypal September 19 effectively broke the Eighth Army and Jevad Pasha fled. By the night of September 19/20, the Desert Mounted Corps had secured the passes around Mount Carmel and were advancing onto the plain beyond. Pushing forward, British forces secured Al Afuleh and Beisan later nike air jordan 8 for sale in the day and came close to capturing von Sanders at his Nazareth headquarters. Battle of Megiddo Allied Victory:With Eighth Army destroyed as a fighting force, Mustafa Kemal Pasha found his Seventh Army in a dangerous position. Though his troops had slowed Chetwode's