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place, and are likely to take place in the future, with the governments of Myanmar, Bangladesh and India on the issue of the Rohingyas? AG: It is a very serious question and it is very important that effective reconciliation between the communities is promoted inside Myanmar. It nike air jordan 4 retro is important that the problems of citizenship are solved and the countries of the region follow the example of India that has opened its borders to the Rohingyas and granted them the same status as it has to the other refugees. It is key to create conditions for cheap jordans 1 for sale effective reconciliation of different communities and to address the citizenship problems in order to ensure everybody enjoys the basic rights that people are entitled to enjoy. The revolution in Myanmar has given us hope, and many refugees of different minorities who are jordan retro 11 considered to be part of the Myanmarese State will be able to repatriate in the future. So, we are working with the government of Thailand to support the potential return in the future of refugees from the South. And there is a meaningful number of Chin refugees, we discussed lebron 9 shoes the possibility of their future. There has been resettlement of Myanmarese in Thailand, Australia, Canada and United States. But resettlement will never solve a refugee problem. It is essential that a political solution is found for their plight to end. Q: Afghan air jordan 3 for sale uk refugees continue to arrive in India and there has been large scale displacement of people. Can you give us an update on what UNHCR is doing in Afghanistan? AG: We have engaged actively with the governments of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran and a solution strategy for the jordan 14 for sale cheap Afghan refugees was agreed to between the three governments and the UNHRC was presented to the international community and was approved in Geneva recently. We hope now, there will be able to support from the same international community in order to make this strategy lebron james shoes 11 low become a reality. The strategy is based on attracting reintegration in 48 areas in Afghanistan that were found sufficiently conducive for the return of people. But it requires a lot of support in infrastructure and education, health and conditions for sustaining livelihoods. We jordan matthews nfl draft combine are also hoping that there is support from the international community for Pakistan and Iran, and we hope this strategy will mobilise solidarity of the international community to contribute not only to the improvement of the living conditions of the Afghans but also to