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the broad solution for the problems of the country. India is already running the biggest cooperation programme in Afghanistan. Indian involvement is an important factor in trying to create conditions for the country [Afghanistan] to have a sustainable development. Indian air jordan 4 cool greys programme is the largest programme, and as a government has it own people and its own country to run, nobody can ask India to do more. What is important is that its example is followed by the international community. Q: What is the situation in Syria and the status of UNHCR's jordan shoes 1 for sale humanitarian operations there? AG: Unfortunately there has been a multiplication of new crises in Mali, Congo, Sudan and Syria along with the existing crisis in Afghanistan and Somalia that never seem to die. There is a dramatic situation in the world, with huge consequences jordan 11 legend blue and more and more people are being displaced. But of all the crises in the world right now, Syria is indeed with one that worries us more, because of the extremely fragile situation prevailing in the country; it is extremely violent with dramatic consequences and the living nike lebron 9 conditions are deteriorating. Because of the terrible humanitarian situation we have now more than 500,00 Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries registered with the UNHCR not to mention the many others who have left the country and have other resources or support and air jordan 3 for sale online do not need the UNHCR assistance. To add to this, there is fragility of political situation in Lebanon, the fact that Iraq is still emerging from a very complex situation, the economic difficulties of Jordan and the Kurdish problem in the region. All these give us a clear idea jordan 14 for sale size 8 of the enormous danger that the Syrian crisis presents to the global peace and serenity. It has helped that the neighbouring countries kept their borders open for the Syrian refugees. But the problem is the absence of the political solution that is driving the situation into nike lebron 10 south beach release date a dramatic suffering of the populations involved. The international community has not shown the capacity to address the political problems and find a solution that might be able to stop this terrible violence. Q: Are you satisfied with the mandate, operations and funding jordan matthews nfl mock draft of UNHCR? AG: We are overstretched, both financially and in relation to human capacity to respond to all the crises everywhere. We are grateful to the fact that the donor community has been providing us with meaningful resources and even increasing it in proportion to