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in response to valid legal process. 'That Awkward Moment' Zac Efron of Disney teen girl glory is clearly trying to shed his reputation as producer of "That Awkward Moment," and he's joined by two of Hollywood's most promising young actors in Miles Teller ("The air jordan 6 black and red Spectacular Now") and Michael B. Jordan ("Fruitvale Station"). There is no doubt Efron has left his "High School Musical" days, yet against all odds, this project is what has finally proven to us that acting really isn't his thing. Awkward. Efron isn't the sole air jordan 2 for sale problem with the film either. It is the script that is mostly responsible for the film's failure. Awkward. "That Awkward Moment" is billed first as a comedy, second as a romance. It fails as a comedy because it takes itself far too seriously, especially considering air jordan 12 fire red the ill nature of its jokes. It fails as a romance because there isn't a single romantic moment in the film, just misogynism. Awkward. Actually, it's worse than awkward. It's lame and downright offensive comedy, feeding on the worst instincts of humanity. That air jordan 6 it tries to tack on a good message in its tidy and tiresome ending just makes matters worse. Maybe if it were released at the turn of the century surrounded by such raunchy, unfunny messes as "Freddie Got Fingered" and "Road Trip," it would feel more mature. Still, air jordan 7 for sale cheap there are far better offerings in theaters right now. Longtime Panama City resident Cole Schneider, born in Long Beach, Calif., always has preferred popcorn and a movie to a long walk on the beach. The ad campaign for "That Awarkward Moment" gives the impression lebron james shoes finish line that it will be, at the very least, a fun romp, but don't be fooled. TAM asks us to sympathize for and laugh with the most deplorable and chauvinistic of characters, like the obnoxious guys in high school who thought they were funny but weren't. Every "joke" jordan matthews high school football schedule 2012 is about poop or sex, which can be funny. Here, however, they are so poorly delivered and juvenile that it's hard to tell if they were even meant as jokes or just as statements of misguided philosophy. We follow three best friends who decide to call off real relationships jordan 3's in lieu of hooking up with as many women as possible. This tired story and accompanying dialogue are not only uninspired, inauthentic, and stupid, but make no tonal sense here. The drastic jumps from bad sex comedy to melodrama are so clumsy it's hard to